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I’m Late…I’m Late…!

Been a couple of those days when you wish you could go back and see what differences you could make, and would those changes make things better or worse. Or just throw up your hands and get on with your life, where/whatever that may be. (Apparently I’ve chosen the latter).
I’ve not been a “true” blogger, however I do have a long list of them coming in daily. And, of course, there is FACEBOOK which I really enjoy, but the “friend” list is long and time consuming.
So make this my first (and probably not last) excuse for
happenstance .


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Another rememberance from being at Point-No-Point was our 1938 Christmas.  Aside from the “wild” kittens that were born in November and kept us amused while Christmas dinner was set– We had roast pheasants, mashed sweet potatoes with sugar butter “gravy”, bar-b-que cedar board baked salmon, walnut and dried cranberrys with onion dressing on a greens salad and an avacado and lime jello salad; desert was huge “soft” cookies topped with home churned icecream.   (Small wonder I was a chunky kid).  Our Christmas presents , wrapped in the funnies sections of the Sunday papers, were placed under a fir tree cut from the forest just across the road at the back of the house.



And it has nothing to do with politcs (promise!)  It’s here because of the humor of my Muse, and, as usual, she resorts to  hyperbole.  So I’m forced to sit and think and I finally think she is being a nag because of late I’ve been caught up in rememberances instead of attending to her constant disciplines re my fiction writing . . . which is why the elephant…HOW?   It equates to having a long memory, right….RRRRRIIIITTTT!  ( The ole gal does have  a sense of humor.)  Anyway, of late (instead of attending to Harrison’s and Cera’s love life) I’ve been problem solving, re How to include my “DOG YEARS ” into my story plotting.  It begin when I was very young (during the first depression—oh sorry, forgot I wasn’t going to mention politics, or suggest my age). . .  anyway, a fox terrier named “SPOT” was my first (and not my last) encounter with that breed.  Spot’s whole mindset was protecting family, especially the “young”.  I remember clearly (I was maybe 5/6) when my mother, bending me over the rim of the bathtub, her hair brush in hand,  ready to whack my behind (which I no-doubt deserved) and hearing a sound behind her, turned to see “ole Spot”crouched in the doorway, back hair all a-bristel…I don’t remember my Mom ever “whacking” me again, at least not in Spot’s presence.   My Grandfather probably initiated the behavior by pretending to spank my young uncle, just to see Spot’s growling, bristeling reaction. 

(A side-note:  In those days Mom, Dad, and sometimes near relatives, had the lawful priviliege of corrective punishment for the bad behavior of their offspring.)

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A bit of fun with the title. . .

However I firmly believe Mr Mark Wright of Durban, South Africa, is inspiring!  He has created a way to use landfills as a means to provide electricity; Using perferated pipes buried  in a landfill to siphon off the biodegradable methane, which is used to create electricity for the city.  It further prevents CO2 from entering the atmosphere which coal, etc. will do.  I remember there was some talk about this method, and perhaps it has already been investigated (tried?)here– But with all the bru-haw from our government, and other  so called newsworthy information being brought to bear on the public eyes and ears, why hasn’t this been investgated, and/or worth mentioning?  I believe it’s about time to step forward in OUR country with innovative new ways and means to insure there will be a future for our United States which is U S!

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Another Daily. . .

vet questions         I know we all can have one of those daysin our lives.  But when it happens day after day one could begin to wonder about  sanity!  Well, I’m beginning to wonder about the politicians running (?) this country of ours.  Have they gone insane or are they just plain nuts?  Apparently some (too many in my opinion) think they are man enough to mess around with women’s rights as “PEOPLE” as  pronounced in our CONSTITUTION.  Now I know said writers of the C were all men, but they had the common sense to understand that women too are “people”.   Religious beliefs aside, a person of the female gender forced BY (man’s) LAW to carry a child cast by incest or rape/rage or just plain ignorance, is outright repression of women’s rights, which, by the way, includes your mother, your wife, your daughters. 

Another thing…I am not amused by the slighting of Medicare and Social Security, which will also, one day,  include your mothers, wives, daughters, AND sons.  Yes, lowering the deficit is good.   But why?  Why is it so important to reward the wealthy and punish those who work(ed) to put them in that income bracket?  And, by the way, where are those jobs; and why, (as long as I’m ranting) when we have a refinery right in our state are we paying so much for gas?  (For that matter, why do oil companies take oil from our land and waters and we have to PAY THEM not only to do it, but pay them to get it back?)

 Hey, I’m just wondering. . . .

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Dailies. . .whatever. . .

I’m back and it’s April already. 

 Got two b-days this month; my Sister and my Son both on the same day…don’t know how that happened but it’s great for remembering the date…and made me conscious  of the fact that my son is 60!  and my sister, 74!

 At the time my son was born,  I was young 😉 well I was! . . .sorta.  But,  I grew up in a hurry,  and what I didn’t know about being married and raising  children was monumental.    Nevertheless, I’m given to wonder how many of our young women today are being educated re marriage and motherhood.  I see sports, entertainment and  breaking the so called glass ceiling being  given more support in upper education, rather than family building.    Or perhaps it’s just my elderly musing:  wishing I had known then what I know now.



Apparently I’ve had a few days of lookiloos at my blog, but no comments other than those I receive from my LOYAL Best Friends!!!  Oh, and I made AOL News front page with my Facebook note liking the story of the elder gentleman who is driving a hitch of percharons around the country(?)  How about that!!!  (me…dancing in a dimming spotlight). 

J J will be going to work this week, YAY! It’s part time and minium  wage, but  it is a also a new job learning situation for her.  ( No, obviously, it is not in insurance–the 17 years of knowledge  she had in that business got her nowhere in the employment game even though she was sending 3-4 resumes a week.)

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Yes, I missed yesterday…which is not a good thing for me.  I have a persistent “block”  re writing even though I have a “start” file of several story ideas.  I’ve been fascinated by our frontier-west history, as well as Washington state ghost towns. So it’s not that I don’t have numerous ideas.  I’ve had my work critiqued, been given very positive comments (although I apparently have “adjectivitis” according to some readers).  However, perhaps the praise has impressed me with the idea that what I continue to write has to live up to that expectation.  Of course it doesn’t, so I abandon beginnings, but the ideas continue to nag at me.  So before my mind or body decides to call it quits, I intend to reach for that illusive “The End”.



Weatherman forecasted a blast of snow…but there is sun shinning in a pale blue sky this morning.  Cold?  oh yea!  But snow, not so much, nor even any prospect of rain. … so my sister will be joining me soon for our morning walk around the neighborhood; she is a gardening person and has me noticing signs of an early spring in flowers and shrubs .  I am a late Summer/Fall person; I think it has to do with all the colors.   The world graced with its own special beauty.   

There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it.  (Mary Little)