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on December 7, 2012

Another rememberance from being at Point-No-Point was our 1938 Christmas.  Aside from the “wild” kittens that were born in November and kept us amused while Christmas dinner was set– We had roast pheasants, mashed sweet potatoes with sugar butter “gravy”, bar-b-que cedar board baked salmon, walnut and dried cranberrys with onion dressing on a greens salad and an avacado and lime jello salad; desert was huge “soft” cookies topped with home churned icecream.   (Small wonder I was a chunky kid).  Our Christmas presents , wrapped in the funnies sections of the Sunday papers, were placed under a fir tree cut from the forest just across the road at the back of the house.


3 responses to “A CHRISTMAS MEMORY

  1. Carol says:

    I don’t remember any of the meals from my childhood… you have a much better memory than I do! Then again, I don’t think I was ever served a Christmas dinner quite as memorable as what you had. I do recall some of our trees, usually brought back from the family’s property in the Cariboo, just as ours were again this year. An odd *tradition* when I think of it.

  2. Heather says:

    I treasure all our traditions! Several years I made a handmade journal with a Christmas theme on the cover. I keep saying that one day I’ll write down a whole pile of memories, recipes, and traditions in it. Somehow it never happens. Maybe one day!

  3. Carol says:

    Hmmm… was just thinking that another Christmas will be be here before we know it. How about sharing some more of your memories and traditions? 🙂

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