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on June 8, 2011

A bit of fun with the title. . .

However I firmly believe Mr Mark Wright of Durban, South Africa, is inspiring!  He has created a way to use landfills as a means to provide electricity; Using perferated pipes buried  in a landfill to siphon off the biodegradable methane, which is used to create electricity for the city.  It further prevents CO2 from entering the atmosphere which coal, etc. will do.  I remember there was some talk about this method, and perhaps it has already been investigated (tried?)here– But with all the bru-haw from our government, and other  so called newsworthy information being brought to bear on the public eyes and ears, why hasn’t this been investgated, and/or worth mentioning?  I believe it’s about time to step forward in OUR country with innovative new ways and means to insure there will be a future for our United States which is U S!


One response to “DAILIES. . .WRIGHT GREEN

  1. Apparently there are companies around the world that are spending billions on finding green alternatives to everything… but it doesn’t seem like we ever hear much in the way of useable results. Well… I suppose the new hybrid vehicles are a direct result of that research, but I’d like to see more initiatives like Wright’s acknowledged and put to use. Our grandchildren would like a healthy world for their children, too.

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