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Puppy is suddenly not eating.  Reason?  Not getting enough exercise; Getting too many treats between meals; You offered “human food” scraps at a meal; You are leaving food out and have no idea when or how much puppy is eating; Stress; Teething; Puppy has a digestion problem. 

First, a visit to the Veterinarian is needed.

Once the puppy has been cleared by the Veterinarian and puppy is still turning up its nose at the food bowl, here are a few ideas to help reinstate better consumption.   NOTE: The following are “supplements” to be added in small amounts poured over or mixed into meal or kibble, they are not intended to be used instead of your regular dog food.  The amounts of products should be determined by breed. A Toy breed certainly won’t need the same quantity of a supplement as a larger breed.

Mix one jar of beef or lamb junior baby food with half a can of mixed vegetables (mashed) including juice—keep refrigerated—and warm a tablespoon or 2 before adding into regular dog food. Turkey or chicken with or without vegetables or cereal can also be used.

A tablespoon of fat—-beef suet, chicken skin/fat or pork fat– cooked in small amounts of water, then refrigerated, can be spooned cold or warmed over dog food.

THE GOURMET. . .Fill a crock pot ¾ full of chicken/turkey (backs, necks, wings, leftovers); Add 1 to 2 cups water; turn on high 4-6 hours, turn on low for another 20 hours.  NOTE: This can be done 4-5 hours in a pressure cooker.  Pick out bones; ladle meat and broth into blender and disintegrate to soup consistency.  Store in refrigerator and/or freeze in ice cube trays.  Give 1-2 tablespoons, or warmed cube, per day with food.  (I worked for a veterinarian who made this concoction in large batches for his canine hospital patients who were poor eaters.)

Lamb and garlic go together fantastically well. Using lamb necks or scraps with 3-4 garlic cloves; place in a pot of water to cover.  Simmer until meat is tender and falls off bones (add water if necessary while simmering).  Cool. Remove bones.  Shred or mince meat and add to broth.  Refrigerate.  Warm to pour over meal or kibble.  (NOTE: Lamb fat broth and cooked brown rice are often used to put weight on a dog.)

Check with Veterinarian and READ YOUR DOG FOOD LABELS BEFORE SUPPLEMENTING WITH any VITAMIN/MINERALs. However, they can be REGULATED as added requirement to the diet for show/stud/whelping stresses. A complete water soluble B-Complex can be used to help alleviate stress. A tsp or Tbls mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey a day won’t hurt.  A “Pet Tab” and/or “Calci-Pet” tablet for dogs—if you can find them-may be utilized not only for growing heavy boned puppies but for old dogs as well.

By gradually decreasing the amount of supplement after 3 or 4 days the picky eater puppy can be gradually returned to regular dog food.

Another method to use is to give puppy a quiet and enclosed area in which to eat—not necessarily a crate. Remove food after 20 minutes and Do Not treat nor feed until next feeding time; and Do Not increase amount of food usually offered because a meal was missed. If puppy still refuses, do not get upset or afraid that puppy will starve.  Just be sure to have contacted a Veterinarian to give the puppy a bill of good health, and add a tablespoon of supplement.


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