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Dailies. . .whatever. . .

on April 4, 2011

I’m back and it’s April already. 

 Got two b-days this month; my Sister and my Son both on the same day…don’t know how that happened but it’s great for remembering the date…and made me conscious  of the fact that my son is 60!  and my sister, 74!

 At the time my son was born,  I was young 😉 well I was! . . .sorta.  But,  I grew up in a hurry,  and what I didn’t know about being married and raising  children was monumental.    Nevertheless, I’m given to wonder how many of our young women today are being educated re marriage and motherhood.  I see sports, entertainment and  breaking the so called glass ceiling being  given more support in upper education, rather than family building.    Or perhaps it’s just my elderly musing:  wishing I had known then what I know now.


2 responses to “Dailies. . .whatever. . .

  1. Happy birthday to your son and sister, and a happy new week to you. Our son and part of his family are visiting right now, and it’s fascinating to watch his parenting techniques in action. Some of them look familiar. LOL! Perhaps more emphasis needs to be put on the long term effects of our roll as parents… “generation unto generation”. 🙂

    • elderfox says:

      Morning…you are so right! And I respect so much the wonderful parents you and Bob have been…you have a great and lasting heritage! Much love mE

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