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on February 20, 2011

Yes, I missed yesterday…which is not a good thing for me.  I have a persistent “block”  re writing even though I have a “start” file of several story ideas.  I’ve been fascinated by our frontier-west history, as well as Washington state ghost towns. So it’s not that I don’t have numerous ideas.  I’ve had my work critiqued, been given very positive comments (although I apparently have “adjectivitis” according to some readers).  However, perhaps the praise has impressed me with the idea that what I continue to write has to live up to that expectation.  Of course it doesn’t, so I abandon beginnings, but the ideas continue to nag at me.  So before my mind or body decides to call it quits, I intend to reach for that illusive “The End”.


3 responses to “DAILIES

  1. And I have no doubt that you’ll reach it! A “daily” here, followed by a chapter there… one foot in front of the other is what gets you to the end of any journey. In the meantime, maybe you could also put some of those ideas into short stories??? There are publications looking for them.

  2. Heather says:

    “Ends” are overrated! I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to get Kaitlin’s scrapbook “done”. Her first two years are done, but not the next two. I get stuck getting started because the end seems too far away, the project too big, and I always work best if I can get something completely done in a day….which is not possible in this case. Maybe I need to heed some of your advice, and just do a bit. Start and finish one page. If I did that, over time I’d make great progress. I may never be “done”, but the progress sure would be great! 🙂

  3. Shari Green says:

    I find it can be so hard to keep writing when I feel the words aren’t living up to expectations, but I’m getting better at shutting off that “internal editor”. I think it’s true that we can fix “bad writing”, but a blank page… not so much. So I try to push through and write that sh*tty first draft. I’m so slow, though! Drives me crazy sometimes, haha.

    Good luck with whatever you’re working on these days! Onward!

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