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Another Daily. . .

vet questions         I know we all can have one of those daysin our lives.  But when it happens day after day one could begin to wonder about  sanity!  Well, I’m beginning to wonder about the politicians running (?) this country of ours.  Have they gone insane or are they just plain nuts?  Apparently some (too many in my opinion) think they are man enough to mess around with women’s rights as “PEOPLE” as  pronounced in our CONSTITUTION.  Now I know said writers of the C were all men, but they had the common sense to understand that women too are “people”.   Religious beliefs aside, a person of the female gender forced BY (man’s) LAW to carry a child cast by incest or rape/rage or just plain ignorance, is outright repression of women’s rights, which, by the way, includes your mother, your wife, your daughters. 

Another thing…I am not amused by the slighting of Medicare and Social Security, which will also, one day,  include your mothers, wives, daughters, AND sons.  Yes, lowering the deficit is good.   But why?  Why is it so important to reward the wealthy and punish those who work(ed) to put them in that income bracket?  And, by the way, where are those jobs; and why, (as long as I’m ranting) when we have a refinery right in our state are we paying so much for gas?  (For that matter, why do oil companies take oil from our land and waters and we have to PAY THEM not only to do it, but pay them to get it back?)

 Hey, I’m just wondering. . . .

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On The Other Side. . .

Having passed through the 50s, 60s, 70s in age and aiming for  “experiences” yet to come, I find myself  wondering how will I fit in?  I don’t intend to throw up my hands and quit even though this body isn’t  the “body in motion” it once was.  And there is a sublineal inference among powers-that-be:  Anyone who has lost their job over the age of 50 is believed to have mediocre talents and are sitting the sidelines waiting like some charity (intermingling with those who lost-and are still losing-in the foreclosure epidemic). I’ve begun to wonder not so much in “what if” but “why”. . .And time flies. . .

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