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on March 1, 2014

Well I’m here as promised with  BLOG #1 (also promised an hour of daily work on my Novel Ms).  I’ll probably be all over the place with the blog.  As for the novel, well that has been in the works off and on for several years.  The main characters- Harrison & Cera -have been very patient, but of late have been tinkering with the program, hatching their own plots and getting grouchy when I try to bring them back to the homestead.  (No, that’s not a clue….altho. . .hummm…)


3 responses to “MARCH MADNESS

  1. Carol says:

    I’m always glad to find a new post from you when I drop in here! 🙂

    As for those pesky characters in your novel, it’s funny how they can develop minds of their own, isn’t it? It can’t hurt to listen to them. Maybe taking the story in a different direction than you originally intended will have some benefits. You never know! You could try them out, one scene at a time, and see how it feels.

  2. Heather (Garvin) Wik says:

    Happy March Madness!

  3. Shari Green says:

    Silly characters, always trying to take charge of their own lives, haha! Have fun with Harrison and Cera. Here’s to all of us writing many new words during March Madness!

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