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on January 7, 2014

So here I am, perched at the top (January) of my WordPress blog and no ideas of “what” will come of it.  Seems my past “New Year” attempts have always been started then slip away like melting snow–not that we have any here in our cloudy, wet, chilly, NW (and thankful Mother Nature has chosen the East for her cold weather.  But you never know, she probably has something up her sleeve….like her fave for us, rain, lots of RAIN.  Then again, green is nice. 

I didn’t get into any writing last year.  It  wasn’t a good year for us.  But we have a roof over our heads, food in the frige, a computer, TV…and BOOKS, oh my!  Lots of books, still boxed (some in storage) ranging from my grandmothers cook book and more; the Jane Austen, Diana Gabaldon, and Janet Daily seriers; Westerns (including Native American histories); cabins, horses, chickens, wilderness, dogs (of course), Washington and local, historicals, and, of course, “How To–” writing books.  Hey, you never know where your next (or first) book ideas will come from.  So I’m pretty much ready, waiting for Ms Muse to come up out of the cellar and smile.


3 responses to “THE NEW YEAR

  1. Carol says:

    Well I’m smiling just to find your new post here, so I hope Ms. Muse begins her smiling again soon, too. 🙂 Go unlock that cellar door and leave a cookie on the top step to coax her up.

    I think you must have way more books than I do, but my bookcases are still overflowing. I was given a hand-me-down bookcase just today, and I think I’m going to have it filled very soon. How is it that we can never seem to part with old books, just collect more?

  2. Heather (Garvin) Wik says:

    Books, books, books. Oh how we adore books! Loved seeing your blog today!

  3. Shari Green says:

    Ah books…such wonderful treasures! Happy reading! I’m between writing projects right now, so I’m also on the lookout for dear Muse…wonder what ideas will come our way?

    Happy New Year, Earlene. All the best to you!

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