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on May 20, 2011

Okay so it’s taken … what? an hour to figure out what’s wrong …I am not a “-puter” person!!! And when I can’t make “it” do what I want, I’m confused, then frustrated, then wishing I had my typewriter..I could just jerk out the sheet of paper and put in another… and still know what I was thinking.  Instead, after trying to figure out why I can’t do what I wanted, I am  now wondering, why am I here. . . ?

image of bored woman(COPYBLOGGER


One response to “ANOTHER DAILY. . .

  1. Technology is suppose to make things easier for us, but there are times when they actually seem harder! I still have the old electric typewriter, and now also that very ancient one, and some days they look pretty appealing. LOL! When you’re desperate you could always resort to pen and paper. It may take longer to record thoughts that way, but it’s infinitely easier. (But I hope you eventually got your computer problem sorted out.)

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