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On The Other Side. . .

on May 11, 2011

Having passed through the 50s, 60s, 70s in age and aiming for  “experiences” yet to come, I find myself  wondering how will I fit in?  I don’t intend to throw up my hands and quit even though this body isn’t  the “body in motion” it once was.  And there is a sublineal inference among powers-that-be:  Anyone who has lost their job over the age of 50 is believed to have mediocre talents and are sitting the sidelines waiting like some charity (intermingling with those who lost-and are still losing-in the foreclosure epidemic). I’ve begun to wonder not so much in “what if” but “why”. . .And time flies. . .


One response to “On The Other Side. . .

  1. Glad to find your post today. 🙂

    Time surely *does* fly — way too fast — but I have a theory that says we won’t notice how fast it’s going by if we keep ourselves too busy to think about it. There’s still so much I need to accomplish!

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