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on February 17, 2011

I get mail (the regular–go to the mailbox and get an envelope to open, etc. ) And today I received a “Congratulations On Your Nomination!” from a Hunting Club in Minnetonka, Minnesota.   And the free gift I will receive if I join (at only a “$1 a month”) is either a cookbook or field knife set with belt sheath”.   AND “only serious hunters are nominated“.

 Now, first off I am not and never have been a hunter. Possibly interested from a research point of view, YES.  However…”it’s no secret among my friends and family that: I am (NOT) a dedicated  hunter, so I am (not) exactly the kind of person this club is always looking for“.  And the free membership card entitles me to “test hunting gear and keep it free” and that includes “Firearms, GPS systems, outerwear, hunting trips, bowhunting gear, bags” as well as  “North American Huntermagazine “…filled with great insider know-how that will help you get lots of game just like those piectured in the eye-popping photos from cover to cover’

Now I AM NOT panning this advertisement, I am simply (really really) curious as to who thinks I can benefit, and who nominated me for membership, in the North American Hunting Club to field test hunting products and enjoy all the other benefits and privileges of membership.  Hummm?


One response to “DAILIES

  1. Shari Green says:

    Haha, maybe they know something about you that you don’t even know yourself? 😉 Yay for junk mail….

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