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2/13 Daily

on February 13, 2011

 I borrowed “Patience” (and need to ask : where are these found?  Not being much of a PC person I most often just stumble onto relevant items for my blog.  And right now I’m in my C3pt zone.  I’m attempting the Romance genre–hey it’s about a man and woman falling in love–of course it’s a bit more than that– which reminds me, I have to contact the police department … child welfare … and rodeo stock producers…hummmm. 

C3pt?–Courage, Passion, patience, talent.


One response to “2/13 Daily

  1. I meant to add, about your question… if you Google for “motivational posters” you get lots of sites. Google images will provide some, and there are multiple sites for others. Not all are free to use but those that are can be copied onto your desktop for re-use. (Not all are ‘clean’ either; you have to pick through for what you want.)

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