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on December 29, 2010

It’s always forward.  

 Whatever you did or might have done is past, hindsight, gone forever you might say.  And yet the memories often get stuck on “what you might have been, 0r done”.    Maybe it’s simply an “elder” thing, this not forgotten retrospection of memories, where time is held in storage.    As in: There was a time when…I remember the time when he/she…when we were young…. 

As writers we live in our imaginations based on memory and the research we do to make it believable as in reality of place, description, dialogue, etc.   I’ve noticed that there is a surge  of our readership and moviegoers who  are “believers” of our fiction stories.   

We were recently in the advertising surge of would-should-could be our next congress persons, dependent apparently, on what we believe is fact or fiction, or a little of both,  that was seen or heard in advertisements.   We are not always  privey to WHO these people really are, WHAT their ajenda truly is, nor WHY they pursue government work. 

We are a country of “United States” based on a “Constitution” of “rights” as timely today as when it was composed. which allows us the privilege of being “thinking” indivduals who with moral strength and respect can USE our TIME to inquire, question, complain,  approve.


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