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on October 15, 2010

We recently attended a 4-day dog show in Canada where my daughter handled a Labrador, which we would hopefully get the remaining six points for his championship…(fortunately) he was given 2 more.  And that’s “show business” i.e., learning that not every one (judges) see what you see when it comes to that dog you purchased and been raising to show.  And it’s not nice to relate your opinion of his/her judging when leaving the ring.  (You will most likely be showing under the same judge(s) in the near future…although… maybe not.)  To being one’s own self is to keep one’s own mouth in a smile and keep it shut until you are back home.  I’ve known exhibitors who spoke ill of judges outside the ring only to be overheard by the judge’s wife or husband sitting at ringside.  We all want our dogs’ (or the dog  we are handling for a friend or client) to win, but judging is subjective based upon knowledge of the breed (and sometimes on the knowledge s/he has of the exhibitors).


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