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THANKS FOR THE PLUG…(We think he’s the mostest!)

on September 22, 2010

From Careann’s Musings:

I’ll bet you think this has nothing to do with writing, but you’d be wrong. Dogs make an appearance in all my novels, and so, too, do dog shows, so stay with me here. Besides, once in a while a person ought to be able to brag to their buddies about something other than writing accomplishments, right?

Our Labrador Retriever, Tynan, (officially Riversedge Tynan at Careann) is first and foremost a companion dog — a lay-on-your-feet, chase-a-stuffed-toy, and swim-in-the-lake, four-footed friend and family member. But our dogs always find their way into the show and obedience rings, too, and Tynan recently began his show career. At a Sporting Dog Specialty Show on Saturday he acquired his first four championship points with a nice “Best of Breed” win, handled by Jayne LukeWay to go, Tynan and Jayne!!!

Judge Peter Bauer (WI), Tynan, Handler Jayne Luke (WA)
Jayne’s parents, Ted and Earlene Luke, were professional dog handlers for over 35 years so Jayne has pretty much been brought up in the dog show world. Ted passed away a couple years ago, but Earlene still gives handling lessons and has written a manual, “The Making of a Champion” which is a how-to resource for many of today’s successful dog show exhibitors. On her Elderfox blog, Earlene offers wisdom and wonderings on several subjects — usually writing, life or purebred dogs — but recently she has been sharing information on preparing dogs and their owners for the show ring in a series of posts entitled Being One’s Own Self. It might surprise you what goes into “the making of a champion”. Pop over there and say “hi” if you’re interested.

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