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on September 22, 2010

It’s great having a a BEST friend give daughter Jayne, and my blog, a photo and mention.  We hope the October shows with judges from U.S., Sweden, Germany, and Canada will give TY points to finish..  Of course, going BOB and getting group placings will certainly be icing on the cake!!!  (While you will rarely see a Labrador with its tail being held…TY is always wagging his, which makes a blur in photo’s 🙂

 Ty, at 4+ years old, is just “coming into his own”.  So those of you keeping tabs on my blog: The Making Of A Champion–and have a possible “show puppy”, (which should be getting to be a gangly teenager, certainly not what you envisioned) should keep MURPHY’S LAW framed on the wall: Nothing is as easy as it looks, so naturally, everything takes longer than you think, besides which, if anything can go wrong it will!   Through our many years of “learning” we discovered that when the “show prospect” comes of age to show, the older ones, the longer and greater his/her winning.   Of course a puppy can be entered at 6 months and win a championship by the time it’s a year old (depending on the #of shows attended) and to our amazement, we’ve bred, owned and exhibited several!  However, the older the dog is “coming together”, it can continue to win and at the age of 10 win a Best In Show…I’ve known a few of those too. 



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