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on August 30, 2010

BAITING. . . Some do, some don’t…some shouldn’t. . .

Baiting is a “finesse” technique.  There is a purpose to it.  Unfortunately, novice handlers too often misuse it and it becomes more of a distraction to the over-all impression a handler is trying to make.  Then why bait?  To move a dog into a better position; to pose; to better present a lazy or indifferent dog;  to keep a dog’s attention on you; to hide certain faults (although fault hiding will not fool any knowledgeable judge– however it can make ringside watchers wonder why you lost).    

Using the table to bait train a puppy will give you a BIG head start.  It will also help in training your dog as a reward to come when called, as well as a reward in obedience training.  


Liver—Use beef, chicken, pork.  Wash with cold water thoroughly to remove excess blood.  Place in pot of water to boil (it can boil over, so spoon off froth and keep it on a low rolling boil).  Boil until firm and grayish in color.  Cool.  Rewash to remove any scum.  Pat dry and drain will on paper toweling.  (Optional: Sprinkle with pinch of garlic powder). Leave out to air dry at this point; or place on aluminum foil in oven at lowest temperature possible.  Bake until dry but  still chewable.  Place chunks or cut into bite-sized chunks and place in baggies to freeze.  NOTE: Air dry all frozen bait, when removed from freezer.  Liver especially has a tendency to “go bad” and mold if left in a closed container where the moisture of defrosting and warmth can accumulate.

Cheese may be cut into bite size pieces and air dried.  Hot dogs/sausage/ left over roast chicken or turkey breast (assuming the legs and thighs have become yours)  may be chunked and dried in the oven or microwave.  By using an assortment of baits you will be able to avoid the “Picky” baiter.  (We had a client with an Irish Wolfhound that enjoyed caviar and champagne. . .a Keeshound that preferred chicken breast cooked in white wine sauce…but those are another story. 🙂

GRAB A BAG AND GO—1# chicken liver in blender with 2 eggs, shells and all, blend, while adding corn meal or instant oatmeal, or roman meal until consistency of putty.  Place in square cake pan lined with foil.  Bake at 200/225 approximately 2 hours or so. (Until, as one client said, the house has a peculiar odor).  Cut into middle to see if “cake” is done, if not return to oven to finish.  Cool in turned off oven.  Place bite-sized quantity in baggies and freeze.

To put weight on a dog –To 2# seared hamburger, add I cup peanut oil, 3# corn meal or Roman** meal, 6 egg yolks (crush shells to powder in blender then add to mix), 1 cup honey.  Mix together (like a meatloaf) and bake in loaf pans at 250 degrees, 3-4 hours, or until firm.  Use about ½ inch slice crumbled into regular diet (1” slice for large/giant breeds).  It will take approximately two weeks (sometimes less) to begin to see improvement in weight.  (**Roman meal is best but may be difficult to find).


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