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on August 8, 2010

So what did you think?  That new family member was going to be all cute and cuddly and take to your living arrangements like a duck takes to water. . .perhaps “not so much”.    But you are surviving and Pup is making some headway in its potty training.  And you have delayed more and more hopping out of bed every time pup starts to fuss.  Whimpering, howling are devices puppies use to get attention and, unfortunately, most of us provide it.   By putting a radio or sound machine near the crate and tuning to a music station where there is some talking, will help the puppy think someone is around and confinement isn’t so bad.  The housebreaking will take time, so don’t let your sorryself give up.  Mistakes will happen, there is no quick, snap your fingers, method.  When you catch him making a mistake–and you will–scold him and immediately take him to the papered pen or outside.  Don’t swat, yell, or rub puppy’s nose in it…it is a filthy practice and only makes the mess less easy to clean up, or, pup will possibly begin to eat excrement.  Only scold immediately after a mistake…if even a few minutes have gone by, pup will have forgotten all about it and punishment will only confuse the issue.  And the scent of the mistake must be removed otherwise it’s a lure to do it again–keep absorbent towels handy for quick action, especially on rugs.  Use a commercial product for removing urine scent, or a solution of water and vinegar; and finish by spraying a bit of colone mist on the area.  Dogs find it highly unplesant, but the room will smell nicer.

Your puppy is housetrained by prevention and good manners are a result of not being given a chance to form bad habits.


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