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on July 28, 2010

THE PURCHASE: You have been to several dog shows, purchased several catalogs, spoken/texted/written to breeders/owners and have finally decided on THE BREED!

In some cases, when purchasing a puppy from a Breeder, there may be one (or two) higher priced in a litter. That does not mean that buying a second choice puppy (for less money) you are purchasing a puppy of lesser quality.  It simply means the Breeder has selected one or two for the show ring, i.e., a puppy that has the qualities that will best represent that Breeder’s breeding/selection experience for champion quality.  The price will be higher and may require a contract obligation. If you choose to sign a contract the Breeder may want to show it, or hire a handler, which means you are obligated to let your dog return to the Breeder for showing.  There may also be a contract that should you purchase a bitch puppy, the Breeder may have first rights to obtain a litter or choice puppy back, or breeding rights to a male dog.  (NOTE: Should you agree to a contract be sure it states you are not required to pay for any contracted expenses or fees.)  

On the other hand, you may not be interested in a championship.  You and/or Spouse or child/children might be interested in a multitude of opportunities.**

The fun-n-games,  so to speak, in which you and family and purebred dog can participate:  Obedience, Fly Ball, Herding, Tracking, Musical Canine Sport, Field Trials, Lure Coursing, K-9 Fetch & Catch Frisbee, Earth Dog Trialing, Rally/Agility, etc.   And there are specialized trainers who will help you prepare, privately or in a class situation, to train your dog for the sport(s) of your choosing.  There are, as well, show handling classes to ease you, as Owner-Handler, into show ring competition.

As you will discover, showing dogs is a vocational/occupational pursuit from which you can derive infinite pleasure and self satisfaction as well as benefit from meeting many truly dedicated, personable people, who not only enjoy the legitimate competition of exhibiting, but also have a deep inner admiration for  abilities and activities in the world of dog sports.

** In 1960 we started the first 4-H dog club in our county in which our three children participated with a registered Whippet, smooth Fox Terrier, and Australian Terrier which they also handled in AKC obedience trials to earn Companion Dog titles, and in Junior Handling.  Both daughters and our son, went on to compete in the show ring showing their own dogs and assisting Professional Handlers.


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