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on July 24, 2010


When it comes to Canine expenditures, it begins with the cost of your puppy and yes, a “show” dog in particular is expensive.  No dog show exhibitor will say, nor tell you, that being a dog show exhibitor is not co$tly.

Beginning with Purchase price, registration, licensing, equipment (which may include chain-link fencing for a dog yard), exercise pens, crates, veterinarian fees, insurance, food, treats, toys, classes.  Travel expenses–motels, gas, entry fees, food—car maintenance, advertising, books and magazines (oh yes, you will subscribe), and you will probably join a club. There are “show clothes”—(and ladies a pocket or pockets are a must)–dry cleaning expenses, carpet cleaning for inevitable puppy “accidents”; a boarding kennel or dog-sitter expense when your family needs their vacation…and THE LI$T will continue ad infinitum.

Yet many of the above expenses can also be attributed to having a Humane Society pet.  They need licensing, neutering and vet care, food, training, treats, toys, grooming and housing equipment, ad infin.   Being A RDO…A Responsible Dog Owner…regardless of a dog’s breeding and purpose, all require finances.

However, there will always be a BIG return in dog ownership…THE FREEBIES — love, joy and companionship . . . not to mention:  Owning a dog is cheaper than therapy!


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