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BEING ONE’S OWN SELF. . .3–You need to know

on July 11, 2010
So you’ve become interested in the idea of owning a purebred dog and to wade into dog show waters.  Hold on!   Before you make a splash, you need to think ahead.  Eager beginners who want to immediately wade in, too often get in over their head financially. AND there is a lot to do: training, gaining self confidence in your “handling/exhibiting” performance, purchasing products, i.e., crate(s), exercise pen,  grooming table, leashes, collars, food, grooming equipemnt, entries, travel, veterinary, road and auto expenses, et cetra. In this sport with its many facets and many kinds of costs, expenses can quickly get out of control.  The fact is “point shows” can be expensive.  (Points are earned when a dog receives 10 points (CKC),  (AKC) 15 points.)
If your dog is:
IMMATURE- This fits those “youngsters” who are not ready to cope with “adult dog” competition.  Some puppies can develop a beautiful bloom and gain points from a puppy class.  Months later these same pups may no longer be “baby beautiful” but “teenage awkward”.  To show young dogs when they have lost that “glamorous” edge can be disappointing and damaging to your pocketbook.
UNTRAINED-The time allowed judges for evaluation is very short.  The dog that needs more “show training” as well as the exhibitor, is best shown when you and your dog are knowledgeable and self-confident which will help make those moments in the ring more gratifying.  And is best achieved through training and experience.  And experience is a matter of practice.
OUT OF CONDITION- Dogs that are “out of coat”, not at a proper weight or moscle tone, poor condition cannot win against properly maintained dogs.  And it does your “good” dog no favor to show it at less than its best.  In addition to wasting time and $s, the dog will probably be exposed to the slings and barbs of criticism, as will the owner-handler which will detract from, rather than building a reputation. 
By carefully evaluating yourself and your dog and where your expenses can be controlled, you will better direct your time and resources to the recipients of all this attention– Your dog! 

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