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on July 8, 2010

CRATES … EXERCISE PEN . . . GROOMING TABLE    These are three basic pieces of equipment every dog owner can find beneficial, especially those who are planning to exhibit their dogs.   Yes, there are people who argue that a dog is being mistreated when confined to a crate, and yes there are people who do misuse them.  But the Dogs I’ve known, who willingly “go to bed”, who will be less likely killed, injured, or run away in a car accident; but be comfortably confined at a dog show, will very likely disagree.  A crate will provide a place of confinement for an ill or injured dog, a bitch in season,  keep a dog out of mischief when owner is out; Motels are often more willing to accept dogs if confined to a crate; i.e., in a strange place the dog feels more secure and comfortable in its crate and won’t spend time complaining by barking or howling, nor tear up the room; and a crate can be utilized to help housebreak a puppy.  A crate is essential  to the show world; dogs of all sorts in all sorts of moods spend time peering out at the world of strangers and dangers from inside their “home away from home”.   Used daily, the crate becomes a dog’s private room and very often is considered THEIR territory (IF they can evict who or whatever else may have discovered the warm cozy sanctuary…our children could often be found napping in them with their protector.)  And  it is not unusual for even the gentlest dog to turn into bark-n-teeth if a stranger peers into, touches, or pokes fingers into its crate.  A crate with a cover will help alleviate that problem and prevent any mischief from strangers.    For bedding; towels or old sheets are useful and should be replaced and washed weekly.  ( Make sure your dog isn’t enjoying the bedding as a snack.)  Crates used daily should be washed and disinfected weekly; and always cleaned after a show.  There are a multitude of crate sizes and kinds to choose from;  be aware of the purpose and seasons of weather as to type choosen.  An open wire for higher temperatures; a closed metal or plastic type for cold weather and air travel.

The “exercise pen” is beneficial for paper training a dog and can be useful when it is raining or snowing or traveling.  They are used at dog shows to alleviate crate time and hold after grooming.  The “grooming table” is essential for what it is and can save the user from aching back and knees and help control the dog when brushing, blow drying after a bath, cutting toenails, etc. CAUTION:  NEVER LEAVE A DOG UNATTENDED on a grooming table.


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