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Being One’s Own Self. . .

on July 7, 2010

“Showing” your dog is an avocation/occupation and it starts with the selection of the purebred dog/breed you wish to own.

In the United States and Canada, dog breeds are divided into GROUPS, i.e., Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non Sporting, Herding, and Miscellaneous.  (The Miscellaneous are those purebred breeds not yet accepted for AKC recognition; may be shown in a Miscellaneous Class –but do not compete for further honors.)  These breed Groups may be titled and classified differently in other countries.

And each breed/variety has a STANDARD that sets breed “types” and are the guides for breeding, exhibiting and judging.  They are written, changed, and added to by a recognized Parent Club, then submitted to the AKC for final approval.  It follows that all purebred dogs are bred to fit into specifications that are man-made.

A note of caution:  Not all breeders, or newspaper advertisers claiming AKC or CKC recognition, or a high price, will provide what you are looking for.  The best advice is to attend a dog show and talk to owners/handlers of your selected breed, buy a catalogue for names and addresses of breeders; and when possible visit the breeders/owners and be prepared to be yourself grilled as to “why” you want a dog, “what are your expectations” and many etceteras.   The AKC/CKC also provides information regarding a breed you are interested in.

Once purchased, most likely a puppy, most of us want the dream; not the reality.  And that is:  The Making Of A Champion takes perseverance and training.  For those who exist in the dog world, a Champion is the reward for all the long hours of work and sacrifice, for being patient, for gaining knowledge, for promoting the purebred dog.


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