Elderfox's Blog

Thoughts of an elder writer-in-progress


on June 26, 2010


As a writer in progress, I often look at pictures and in them see a place, a character, an emotion , a plot concept.   

Take, for instance  that  distant  figure  above  at the end of the road, or is it a driveway?   Is  s/he leaving, returning, out for a stroll, waiting?  Is s/he a main character?  Or is the main character watching the figure, and is afraid, curious, surprised?  What? Why?

At other times, a character arrives with my Muse and they hang around waiting to be given an opportunity to do something .  Of course I’m supposed to figure out, what that something  is all about .  If it doesn’t happen, Ms Muse invites the person  to wait in the holding cellar (which is getting pretty crowded),  then she slips something bitter into the coffee I’m drinking, and wings off into the ether, muttering what I’m sure are muse oaths.


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