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on June 26, 2010

The original purpose of exhibiting purebred dogs at “Dog Shows” was to determine what dog of a particular breed best fitted a pre-determined “standard”  which  was created by those breeders/exhibitors who had knowledge of the  “measure” of a dog, i.e. fit to do the “work” the particular breed was bred to do.  Many of these then “show dogs” also DID the work, in the field, on farms, as guards and protectors…and yes, even for companionship.  An  American Kennel Club was eventually formed  to unite these written standards, and create breed clubs, even though their rulings in the beginning were only constituted law in New York State.  However,  over time the mandates of the club would also have the power to regulate the rules involving all aspects of exhibitions (shows), exhibitors, judges, breeders of purebred dogs everywhere in America. 

In recent years “Profiting” and “Commercializing” has become an entrepreneuial spirit wherein breeders, owners, handlers are being syndicated and advertised to provide an increase to the relative value of purebreds.  This rising phenomenon has given new demands in the fields of training, veterinary practice, dietary needs, conditioning, grooming….etc. 

SO THE QUESTION IS:  With regard to our interest and affection for our purebred dogs, are we, as owners/breeders/exhibitors reducing the purebred dog to a commodity?


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