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on June 21, 2010

NOTE: There will be those among the readers of these writings who are not going to appreciate MY opinions.  However, I believe everyone has the right of an opinion and you are free to express yours regarding the subject matter.

Via the grapevine, our AKC (American Kennel Club) is having to deal with financial problems (who isn’t) and has chosen to provide opportunities for mixed breed dogs to participate in various “athletic” and obedience events in an attempt  to add to their coffers.  And I applaud the idea, if for no other reason than giving owners of mixed-breeds a reason to train and keep healthier pets.

However, in doing so, the prospect of urging people to breed indiscriminately to the extent of mixing purebred lines with another, i.e. the so called labradorsXpoodles; pugsXbeagles, and yes, even great danesXcane corsos, etc., and furthering the “mistakes” by advertising them eligible for AKC registration.   Now there is no denying accidents do happen, and YES mixed-breeds can make fine pets, and many of our purebreds were of mixing breeds by dog  breeders  of long ago.   However, I do resent the AKC recognition and trials for mixed breeds.  The AKC is and always has been (to the best of my knowledge) created to invest in and protect the purebred breeds, their owners, breeders, clubs, handlers, shows, etc. Mixed breed events could be left to Dog Clubs, 4-H clubs, Humane Societies’s and others, because,  in my opinion, the American Kennel Club, by default, is promoting indiscriminate breeding: i.e., those who will do it to make $s off an uneducated public.


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