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on June 13, 2010

Okay, I’m not against mixed breeds, had a few and loved them…BUT and it’s a big one, to claim the litter has anything to do with AKC registration is bogus!  What has appeared of late in our local paper:  FOR SALE–Black and white Yorkshire terriers, AKC registered $1500; Goldendoodles, AKC registered; Great Dane X Cane Corso litter,  5 females, 4 males, @ $150,  parents AKC registered.   Now accidents do happen, but this is misrepresentation, pure and simple, not to mention  neglect and inexcusible behavior on the part of the owners of these breedable bitches.   Obviously the term AKC has become a magical term for  the  sale and $s made  by the sellers.   Fact of the matter is, uncontrolled breeding, and owner indifference,  for whatever reason, is the cause of a large share  of the stray and uncontrolled  “feral” stray dog problems.


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