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on June 6, 2010

The internet news today reports the state of our libraries is being altered.  Where once we had the opportunity to speak to a human for assistence, we are now supposed to ask our inquires and questions at computer stations.  I have one at home and (like the article reporter) Google doesn’t know everything!!!! To be honest, I love books and to have a floor to Cistine Chapel high ceiling (and, of course, $s enough) I’d have shelves of hardbound books, which is why I visit bookstores.   However, “modernism” is also giving us books on a hand held electronic pad whereon you can read a $27 book purchased from Amazon for $9 ( much to the chagrin, I hear, of authors who are losing income).  Of course we want to have our trees and paper too;  we want to avoid the dyes and acids  used  to create “white” paper and “colored” magazine pages (and while I’m  on the subject of magazines, please!  please stop printing color on color…do you have any idea how hard that is to read?)  But I digress. . …… I believe we need libraries, it provides advice, history, documents, dictionaries, research and literature, not to mention newspapers, magazines, maps and phone books…all in one place and it’s free!


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