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on May 4, 2010

I’m not the greatest housekeeper,  but lately I’m a fanatic!!  Late last year I discovered this pencil dot antish critter in my bathroom and discovered clorox spray could zap them dead.   And a weekly swipe around the tile floor kept them out of area.  Then they appeared almost everywhere, suddenly just there!   Called in an exterminator who identified them as “pavement ants” that build nests next to the cement poured base of groundfloor condo’s and find cracks  to invade when weather gets cold.   We also found an Ortho soybased product that seems to be keeping them at bay as well as our warming PNW weather .    Been rising early and yesterday on a breezy sun rise, I enjoyed watching a mob of swallows playing “zip tag” on the up and down drafts off the end of the building across the way.   There has also  been a noticeable increase in black bear appearances around housing areas in our Puget Sound areaa and a growning number of Karelian Bear Dogs are being used to drive the bears further back into forested areas.. .


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