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on April 29, 2010

Have noticed an increasing number of writing articles & blogs are referring to the term “perfectionism” and since I have often (too much so) blamed  my “block” on the disorder, I was prompted to look what the D* book offered up on the word and was startled to discover the fine print offered:  extreme or obsessive striving for perfection, as in one’s work”; and in my T* tome, definitions included: classic quality; the ideal; flaw/fault-lessness; impeccable; dazzling…   Whoa. . !  Of course all wannabe authors  strive to complete publishable works (perfect? some not so much, in spite of publication) but speaking for myself  who has claimed PERFECTIONISM to be a cause for a blockage is definitely an overstatement.    And I find it rather liberating to know that.   ((D-Dictionary; T-Thesaurus)


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