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on February 2, 2010

Apparently Whatcom County, Washinton has been the warmest it has ever been (in recorded times) for this time of year.   Makes one really wonder about how our environment will be changing for our forests, agriculture,  marine and wildlife hereabouts. 

While visiting our friends in Canada this past weekend, we stopped in at a bookstore (#1 on my favorite shopping/browsing/list) and I purchased Alice LaPlante’s “THE MAKING OF A STORY”. Of course another how to book, in spite of my knowing full well there are no “secrets” you will find anywhere re writing a novel.  You “simply” have to sit down (or stand, if you prefer) and do it.   Now  writing is not something I have just now (at my late-in-life age) decided to initiate.  It began in my late teens and has continued from pencil and paper; ink pen and notebooks;  typewriter and memographing, into today’s ever-expanding developments, re internet-computer-etc.  IKNOW, IKNOW!!!!!!!!  But there is all this “besides writing” stuff — conflict, crisis, resolution; point of view; show, don’t tell; dialogue; etc ETC!  And then there is that bug-a-boo, revision…grammer, spelling, et al.  And my curse: Perfectionism… Still I strive!


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