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on January 21, 2010

…and the “hunt” goes on.  A not so humorus, but laughable reply to a job inquiry, was the negative one that said, “not qualified” for the job.  After 16+ years in the business, an office manager, and employee trainer…WHO IS qualified?   Nevertheless, we’re persevering, spraying the job-field with buckshot–which of course is hit or miss fashion but one never knows where we will score a bulls eye.

RESOLUTIONS-  Read an interesting comment today from a writer who suggested that rather than making a promise to commit to a year, do it weekly.  Lose weight, you can lose a 1/2 to 1# a week; write at least 2 to 5 thousand words of a novel in a week; paint a room; plant a container garden; plan and serve a weeks worth of meals (including the grocery shopping); knit/crochet an afghan…etc.   I’m thinking this is a plan for me when one of my resolutions for this year (writing ) will perhaps be easier done.  I intend to give it serious consideration.


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