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Ready Or Not. . .

on December 27, 2009

Seems my view stats are in a slump–which isn’t surprising because I’ve not been offering anything, silly or otherwise, to impress any following. And Ms Muse has been taking her Holiday vacationing elsewhere. And, with dD getting fired Dec 1st (which was really traumatizing since she has never been fired in her working life–although it really wasn’t a bad thing since her boss has been mentally
malevolent toward her for quite some time). While she promptly began to job search/request unemployment/
and jump through all the necessary hoops, with but one possibile exception, it appears we might have to relocate. She has been a Washingtonian all her life (I’ve been one since I was seven–70 years and counting, and living/working in Bellingham since 1950) we’ve discovered
jobs are limited since this area population is basically retirees, college students, small family businesses, farming
and retail. She has been an Insurance Agent since leaving her 8 year Navy service.
The status quo does change in a lifetime, whether we are ready or not.


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