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Time to….

on November 29, 2009

Almost time to start thinking about those “resolutions” that many of us make just to see how long before we either undertake them, or break them, or just don’t even try to do them, for whatever reasons.  Every year I profess to undertake a NOVEL!    Got lots of starts, then comes the fizzle…like one of those sparklers I used to wave around on Halloween nights.  Eventually the sparks sputter and die to a red glow and the dazzle is gone, but not entirely.  The image(s) still lingers in memory.  And I often promise myself…”One of these days. . .”  Well,  days are passing  quickly.  The urging “want to” and “accountability” become  entangled in a big fat “kNOT”.  Of course, in all probability, writing will be in my top five resolutions for 2010.


One response to “Time to….

  1. Resolutions? How can it be that time again? I haven’t caught up yet to the ones I made last year!

    You can make 2010 different. You can resolve to finish this novel… keep going instead of starting again. The choice is yours. 🙂

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