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awaaaay we go!

on November 2, 2009

Love the image of Ms C-Muse and mE  thanks to Ms C. . . got started today 430 wds  and counting.  I am trying to NOT EDIT as that has been my wall builder. . .so hopefully this time I’ll be able to press on without those dang “rethink” blocks.  . . . Don’t know that this will be a turning point for me, but as old as I am it had better be.  The very first story I sent in to a magazine, I got a reject but there was a message hand written on it  saying they would appreciate more from me. . .It went where I don’t know, but wish I’d framed it.   At the time however we lived in a tiny house , I had 3 children, a chicken house of 100 white leghorns, a couple of calves in the side pasture, a pregnant pointer, and a patch of teeny potatoes.  It seems like a lifetime ago…well, dang, it was 🙂


2 responses to “awaaaay we go!

  1. Life sure changes, doesn’t it? The years just slip away. But since we can’t go backwards the only direction is straight ahead. That’s where our goals are. And you’re on that new road. I’m so glad to hear how much progress you made today! That’s a great start! 🙂

  2. Shari says:

    Yay for new words! Keep going!!

    Best NaNo advice I’ve heard is “Don’t re-read ANYTHING.” Just press on. Editing and “fixing” are for next month. 😉

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