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on October 19, 2009

It was interesting to return to the dog show world–which was a livlihood for our family for some 40 years.   And this month, daughter Jayne had the privilege of exhibiting a Labrador at a 4-day event. Each day he was placed second, which may not sound impressive (yes we expected better placings) however, he was the only dog to place consistently over all 4 days. . . Four judges placed four different dogs first, and not all of them went on to get WD and the points.  Now all of this is no doubt a “foreign language” to a non-dog show exhibitor, however, for those who do show,who  will probably wonder, as we did, why?–He had beaten all the 1st, 3rd, 4th  and 2 WDs entered, without once placing first?


2 responses to “encore

  1. The results certainly make one wonder about the judging criteria, when in theory the same dogs were supposedly judged against the same breed standard each day. It’s an interpretive thing, of course, but don’t you wish the judges had to explain/justify their reasons?

  2. wikfamily says:

    Maybe no points….but a success nevertheless!

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