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on October 10, 2009

Watching ANIMAL PLANET can sometimes make one sick physically and mentally; knowing that a person, or persons live in such squalor with dogs/cats/birds/livestock.  And no one–friends, family, neighbors–seems aware, nor informed,  until the gravity of the matter becomes so potent, that interventation is called for.  Which is usually the ASPCA who notifies other agencies to help both, animals and people who may be envolved.

When it is people, most often the elderly and young, who become victims of lack of concern, who cares?  Do you know your neighbors?  Are you apathetic toward family and friends?  Do you not feel any obligation to question the absence of a neighbor or friend?  Are you just a spectator when you see a familiar child riding in a strangers car or in a place with a stranger?  I’m not infering we need to interfere in the lives of others, not suspect/fear every stranger we see.


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