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on October 4, 2009

Okay, enuf is enuf!  I am an “Elder” I admit to being one…SO?  Well, will  someone paaaleeze tell me what has happened to clothes for women over the age of 50, 60…and yes, 70! —Oh, and when they are found, why are the prices a shock to so many on SS budgets?

I no longer have children, nor am I in college or a grad looking for a job.   BUT!  Do you see gray haired women in catalogs, or ads?  How about men…YEP…there they are in suits and an array of  leisure clothes…gray hair and all.  The women? –yes, they are there too… all young and firm fleshed and not a grey hair or wrinkle in sight.   Are there no clothes designers whose mothers need comfortable casual and fashionable clothes?   Perhaps I’m just having one of those days wherein I’d like to be able to wear something besides tee or sweat shirts, jeans, tennis shoes,  mules or clogs.


2 responses to “enuf!!!!

  1. Oh, so you went shopping did you? I agree, the selection is pretty depressing. I’ve about given up on it unless I’m prepared to settle for polyester and elastic! Maybe we should consider starting an Elder Design business! We work well together. 🙂

  2. Shari says:

    Even this 40-something agrees…. it’s so hard to find stuff that isn’t cut in a trendy fit that really only works if you’re under 25 and skinny. Sigh. Maybe that’s part of why I despise shopping! 😉

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