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This September 11th morning I find myself wondering. . .

on September 11, 2009

I wasn’t aware of the “world” until the second world war and I remember standing in the alley behind our house in a clinging hug with my cousin, crying in fear of the unknown.   Even though we were fighting a war  in Europe, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the declaration of our then Government to go to war with Japan seemed to bring disaster to our doorsteps.  Men were drafted  to join our armed forces, at the same time many just up and volunteered. . . and thousands died in places we had never heard of.

Then came  the atomic bomb.

In our schools we had practice drills in the event we were attacked….puny solutions to be sure, but the effort seemed to somehow make us feel safer.  People even built concrete bunkers, buried them in the ground, stuffed them full of emergency supplies.  Then, the wars “over there” ended but we heard about and watched (MovieTone news) in theaters showing the  “Death Marches,  Holocast and Obliterations” that had taken place. 

In following years we’ve  sent troops into Viet Nam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan…. Yet this country remained unscathed…except for the thousands who died in those “other worldly” places.

 Then there came a morning wherein–as it happened in real time on the television–I stood in utter silence of disbelief and watched the Twin Towers in NYC explode and collapse,  and again thousands died. 

Now, this September 11, 2009 morning  I find myself wondering. . . where and who among us will be the next thousands. .and why?


2 responses to “This September 11th morning I find myself wondering. . .

  1. It seems like the USA has been at war all of my life although other than my parents using food stamps I don’t remember being personally affected by the turmoil. War and acts of terrorism are such barbaric things, and what do they accomplish? You’d think by this point in history mankind would have figured out a more reasonable and humane way to settle conflicts but, no, the destruction just becomes more sophisticated and devastating. Doing our part to live, love and pray seems like such a small thing in comparison.

  2. Heather says:

    What a great post!

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