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on August 30, 2009

Of late I’ve begun to wonder if we are going to have another chance…as human beings.  Who are they who will be living happily ever after?  An article in our local paper printed an article I’ve known about for quite some time: THE OCEAN GARBAGE PATCH which human beings have churned out onto our oceans.  Presently there are two islands of our industrial/manufactured/processed cobbled garbage  in the north and south Pacific.    And I am as much at fault as any other for these marine lethal collectives of human-made waste.  Chances are you are too. 

The “Go Green” disinterestedness of product manufacturers marginalizes those of us who market shop.   And the majority of us like those products we choose from store shelves regardless of it’s packaging.  I would like to have a cow for milk and butter, chickens for eggs,  a garden plot for fresh vegetables, berries, fruit trees…etc etc.   But it’s no longer practical.  Besides, the owner of the condo wherein I reside, not to mention the city, would no doubt have something very negative to say about such a project.   However, I have a close friend who does purchase fresh produce and cans and freezes them and, lucky for me, she shares.

We can walk on the moon(?) live in a shuttle in outer space (?) but response to the WASTE ISLANDS of the Pacifc won’t be forthcoming any time soon; and the Chances Are, not in my lifetime.


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  1. Having just enjoyed some of Alaska’s pristine vastness I, too, wonder how the world’s population can remain unconcerned about saving what’s left of the environment. Despite the emphasis on “going green” I’m not sure we’re making much headway. Somehow we have to convince the world that every single person has to put some effort into making a difference. It’s not enough to leave it to a few *environmentalists*.

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