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on August 3, 2009

At times I come across  my name ( first or last/nee maiden name) as authors of books or magazine articles, which may not seem odd, however too often I find they are either writers of places or subjects I am attracted to.  A recent article in AMERICAN COWBOY (now understand I’d never read or knew of this mag until I found it perched on a magazine rack at a grocery store last week) and in it discovered an article on Equitrekking, authored by Darley Newman.  Now in years passed I knew a Darley, and my maiden name was Newman, and, to top it off I would love to go equitrekking as my youthful girl most favorite thing was horseback riding (and probably would still be if circumstances in my life had been different).  I don’t know where that fascination for the “west”–i.e., horses, ranching, cowboys, Indians, Civil War, pioneering,–came from….  Maybe it was all those classic western  nickle  movies Dad took me to see (just so he could see the WWII cinematic news).


2 responses to “HAVE YOU EVER. . .

  1. My name doesn’t crop up all that often, although there is an artist that bears my married name and another with my maiden name. It’s interesting to try and identify what it was that affected our interests or influenced the lifestyle choices we made. Then the “what if” aspect rears up and it’s fun to wonder where I might be or what I’d be doing today if my choices had been different. Fact is, however, I don’t think I’d want to change much.

  2. Shari says:

    There is an author named John Green, which of course is my hubby’s name — he writes YA, like I do, and I’ve read all his books. Maybe someday one of my books will be shelved next to one of his. 😉

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