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on July 31, 2009

I’m not sure the intention for this blog is for the world to view.  I’m really just throwing stuff at the space to see what sticks.  I’ve erased any number of writings that were a sorry attempt to offer something from my thoughts  of the world as I’ve lived it/view it.    

 The “ELDER” should que guests to the fact that I’m no longer a youth..actually I’m not sure I would want to be a young person today  (of course that would probably depend on who with, where and how I was being raised).   And sometimes I am given to think I lived in a completely different universe…although. . . our country was just coming out  of a depression,  there was war overseas and…while I was totally unaware of it…the rich were getting richer, the poor in hock;  there were drugs, liquor and machine guns on the strrets; and a Democrat was President.    



2 responses to “HUMMMM

  1. Careann says:

    Throwing stuff out here is good; it’s giving you a chance to explore how you feel in concrete words. Doesn’t matter if anyone else finds your entries as long as you’re getting them written and posted.

    If you want more people to find them you need to assign “subject tags” to each entry (which I could organize for you). If you want fewer people, the blog’s privacy settings can be changed to limit who can see your page (if you want me to change them for you I can do that, too).

    Choices are:
    (1.) blog is visible to everyone, including topical or name inquiries via search engines like Google;
    (2.) search engine inquiries can be blocked while allowing normal visitors who know your web address; or
    (3.) blog is visible only to specific people you choose.
    Right now the default setting is (1.) but you aren’t likely getting many visitors because I imagine only my family knows you’re posting (no blog tags).

    Keep writing. It’s good brain stimulation! 😉

  2. Heather says:

    Doug and I were just talking about “the world in which we live”. One of his co-workers is absolutely opposed to people having children at all because of the society issues of today. Doug, on the other hand, has done his best to populate this country, believing that bringing up children in a traditional way (what’s that?!) is the best thing we can do. Ahhh, you’ve opened Pandora’s box!

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