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on July 28, 2009

Yes, our constitution allows Americans to speak their minds, although of  late I’m becoming less amused by the empty talk that follows news, especially of that pertaining to our President.  The blatant remarks people make is not only disrespectful, but is tainted with downright ignorance.  I don’t think our forefathers had in mind the crude slings and arrows that are recklessly flung about without accountability….  WHY?   

Why are some responders so full of contempt?  In internet comments do they believe they are hiding with an alias?  Are they unable to think for temselves (so many appear to be regurgitators of the malcontent).   Of course I realize everyone has a right to be discontented, even enraged if they are so fit, but to do so without  knowledge or explanation is hooey.


One response to “NOT AMUSED

  1. Some people seem to like talking just for the pleasure of hearing their own voices — or writing for the pleasure of seeing their own words. I rarely read anonymous comments because I figure if the person has something worthwhile to say s/he should be willing to take credit for saying it. Anonymity reminds me of a sniper hiding behind a facade. In most cases it’s a coward’s method of communication.

    The one exception I can think of is on writing blogs where a high profile agent/editor/author wants to offer a constructive bit of advice without actually getting into the discussion. But that’s a whole different situation.

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