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Are You Prepared?

on July 14, 2009

Having attended the first meeting of our condo “Pet Committee” (besides being envolved as a professional dog handler for some 40+ years) I decided to offer some info for advance planning re emergencies in the event there is time to leave home and take your pets with you.  Most disaster shelters do not accept animals which made a vivid impact in the evacuation response during Hurricane Katrina where early warnings were ignored.  If you need to evacuate you need to plan ahead  for yourselves and pets.

  • The contents of a PET EMERGENCY KIT should be prepared for a mimimum of 5 days and contain at least the following items. . .
  • Bowls/ food (dry and canned)/ treats/ crank can-opener/ bottled water/ paper towels/ spray bottles/spoon and plastic measuring cup
  • Pet records stored in waterproof container.  A current photograph of pet with notification information–having your pet micro-chipped is an important aid for identification purposes.
  • Blanket/ towels/toys/flea powder or spray/ stain and odor remover/ necessary current medications/cat litter/ baby aspirin.
  • Leather or web collar WORN with attached identification/ rabies/ license tags
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • First Aid Kit with “how to”–information for aiding an injured pet/ latex and heavy pairs of gloves
  • A FOLDING pet CRATE is desirable and will make staying with family, friends, hotel/motel people happy to see that you plan to keep the pet off beds and furniture and not randomly relieve him/herself during your stay.  Be sure to acquaint the pet beforehand with being crated to avoid anxiety/barking if left alone.
  • Leashes and chain-link collars for exercising.  Always leash pets before exiting vehicle or doorsways–DO NOT leave choke chains  or leashes on pets loose in vehicles; AVOID leaving pets in any vehicle in sunny weather; and it is UNLAWFUL in many areas, as well as unsafe,  to allow pets to ride free in the open bed of a pickup.
  • Purchase and learn how to use a Fire Extinguisher to keep in vehicle along with your emergency car repair kit.

One response to “Are You Prepared?

  1. I wonder what prompted your fire extinguisher reminder????

    It’s surprising to me how many people don’t think of their pets’ needs when putting together an emergency kit. We have ours ready.

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