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on July 9, 2009

In spite of the overflowing books shelved in my “office” closet I’m planning to obtain more including some “HOW TO” books–which I probably don’t need, but who knows what will break down the “blocks” of the wall I’ve slammed into. Nevertheless, here’s a list of books I’m planning to read:  

TRUE COLORS/Kristin Hannah;  THE SHACK/William P Young; THE GUERNSEY lITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY/Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows; THE LAST INDIAN WAR/Elliott West; DOG ON IT/ Spencer Quinn;          A MERCY/Toni Morrison; THE WOMAN BEHIND THE NEW DEAL/ Kirstin Downey; FRUITLESS FALL/Rowan Jacobsen; THE UNSCRATCHABLES/Cornelius Kane; THE COLOR OF LIGHTNING/Paulette Jiles; FINE JUST THE WAY IT WAS/Annie Proulx. . .

If any have read one or more of the above…would appreciate comments.  I’m pretty much ecclectic in my reading as you can probably surmise, and really enjoy history/fiction.  A friend told me she disliked history in school (and still does).  “We can’t change the past” she told me, “so why is it important?”   I don’t know.  I just find it fascinating…or maybe I’m from the past … just trying to find myself…ya think?? 🙂


One response to “READING

  1. Books are like chocolates; you can never have too many! 🙂 The only one on your list that I’ve read is “The Shack”. It’s an interesting read. While theologically questionable, it’s a good fictional way to convey the concept of the Trinity to non-churched folk.

    I don’t often read straight history books–not because I’m uninterested in the history, but more because I think I’m a lazy reader and they take more focus! I like some historical fiction, particularly local stories about people and places I can relate to.

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