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on June 15, 2009


There are “wanna-be”,  “if only”, “could be”, and last but not least  “would be”  novelists, and the latter may be my epitaph…not that I am planning on permantntly exiting anytime soon.  But life has it’s humorous moments…like suddenly SURPRISE!–you’re dead.  Which is perhaps a rather uncomfortable  beginning  to this…whatever this  is.  Nevertheless here I am coming at you with the intent to create…and why is that intent so important?  Why now?  “Without a dream there’s nothing more“.  I’ve lived in that dream a long time, pep-talking to my Self.  The Self who knows me (of course) and all the negativity I’ve accumulated–the procrastinating, critic-driven perfectionism, I am so intent on blaming for my lack of delivery, damaging my productivity and that special joy of being a  novelist. 

Some time ago I  was intrigued by an article written by E. P. (Winnie) Cross, entitled CREATIVE PRINCIPLES in which she defined four principles representing, for her, the roles, attributes, and different way of thinking involved in the creative process, giving each a title and personality.  I thought it would be an interesting exercise.  Her Principles I renamed Entities  and they do seem to have individual personalities.

Apparently I wear 5 – 7 hats to accomplish my writing endeavors.  Whether creating personalities can make a difference in solving  problem(s) is perhaps questionable, but, as I found out (creatively) they are strangely interesting.


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  1. Carol says:

    It can be a little scary knowing that we have multiple personalities flitting around inside our creative minds! But some of them provide useful services. I guess we just have to keep the others reined in so that they can’t get in the way of our “willpower”–our determination to become “will be” novelists, who “will” begin and who “will” finish!

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